Methods of SMO

Methods of SMO
Social media” covers a large area of topics and has come to have different connotations. You can easily understand how we can use social media marketing technique for promotion. Lets take an example from our daily life it’s very similar to our social network in daily life. As we keep contact with our neighbours, our colleagues and with our society so because of that they recognize us really well and knows about our nature same apply with social media marketing just a difference is that we work online or through some other electronic media for it and searches relevant resources related to our site or business and than promote it through SMO methodology.

Here we are listing some methods which will help you in social media marketing:

1. Start with reading 5 pillars about SMO and follow SEO tricks such as keyword research, competitive review, content analysis, etc. make a proper plan for promotion and always talk limited about yourself its about them not about you.

    Here are 5 pillars for SMO

        a.  Declaration of Identity
        b.  Identity through Association
        c.  User-initiated Conversation
        d.  Provider-initiated Conversation
        e.  In-Person Interaction

2. Quality content is still important key for getting better links and promotion so always be the one to create quality contents which is always appreciable by the readers.

3. Reach out to the influencers in your niche, be polite, honest, sincere, and you’d be amazed what brand advocates can do for you. Think as a consumer point of view, make sure you have setup your own blog and don’t hesitate to link out to other blogs and websites in general.

4. Recent surveys concluded that video consumption is high and million’s of people visit monthly you tube and upload their video and watch existing video It has wide reach, and you could have millions of people see it so must try to upload your videos there.

5. Humor, controversy and weird stuff works very well so you can also test this method. If you have a blog than claim that as a Technorati. This will ensure you are indexed in their search engines for blogs and updates are broadcast across the network, along with your own blog network updates.

6. Joining microcommunities will also help you select relevant community to your business. Large social media resources such as twitter, facebook, YouTube,, Flicker, Digg, Reditt, Technorati and many more others will help you more if you promote yourself by joining this and have your account their.

7. All in whole if you use these mentioned methods such as Data analysis, Provides holistic strategies to clients, Training, presenting, and research, Relationship-building and networking Outreach to online users and bloggers. If you apply yourself in SMO Services and invest time and effort into creating a long-term campaign, the returns can be phenomenal.Link building provides wide range of complete link building solutions and SEO package. We make use of all the latest link building strategies in acquiring new links for websites.